Are you a manufacturer? Do you want to explore your business in the world market? Don’t you have knowledge of exports/imports? Or do you need some partner who can handle world market exploration for your products, buyer finding, license management, international standard packaging, shipment, customs everything?

Or are you an importer who is looking for the perfect partner in India who can provide services for product procurement as per your country’s standard, packaging, and export to you or your partner around the world?

Have a look at the services we are offering to you. Most of them are free, and some of them are chargeable.  

Export / Import Service

Export your products to the world with us!

We are offering you CUSTOMIZED website designing for your business at the best competitive prices. We can help you with the best graphic designing, image selection, photography, & video creation for your website. You may need content writing for your product or services. We have a solution for that too with the support of the best content writing team.


Generate IEC! (Import Export Code) is the mandatory certificate to export/import goods and services to/or from overseas. We provide services to apply for fresh IEC or to update your IEC each year as per new guidelines. You may hire Globbien Enterprises to generate IEC for your company.

If you are willing to product procurement from Indian market, We can help you with our large manufacturer’s & supplier’s channel. We are the merchant exporter of various items like packed food items, bakery food items, spices, farm fresh fruits & vegetables, 2 wheeler automobile parts, bed sheets, pillow covers, towels, confectionary items & much more. Please write your import requirement with full product specifications. And we will update you with the best possible prices.

Why market research for your product is necessary for the export-import business!

Mostly in the export business, it’s mandatory to know the right country for marketing your product. You must have to know the demand in the targeted country of the product for what you are manufacturing. Have to Identify the right importers of your product in the targeted country. Along with this, the quality standards of the importing country will also have to be known. It is also important to know the export challenges of your product in your chosen country. We do many such things for you.

The next question that comes to the mind of any exporter is which are the major importing countries of my product. However, jumping into any market just knowing this is not right. Because where there is already more demand for a product. It is also possible that there may already be more competition. For this, it is also necessary to study other important points before determining the market.

The next question for a manufacturer who wants to export his product is that in which countries he should sell his products. While searching the market for any product, it is very important to know in which countries of the world the demand for that product has increased in the last few years. And which countries may have less competition? What are the countries that take that product from somewhere else, and what should we do to sell our product to them? Sometimes transportation & sea/air freight plays most expensive role in this. We are constantly looking for more such solutions. Keeping many such things in mind, we make a list of selected major countries from the world for you. We insist on our production keeping you on the quality; We are looking for export opportunities for your product.

Government benefits in export market can give you some relief in export competition with suppliers of other countries. Like you may have tax relief which directly impact on your gross profit. There are other such things which can decrease your costings and let you play freely in the world market. Every exporter must have to know such benefits which belongs to their product. Join Globbien Enterprises to export your products. We will bear all the hassels to export your products. Let’s do business like a team.

What makes USPs for you?

Their might be many unique sailing points for your products in the world market. For an example customized packing, printing in importer country’s language, quality improvement and much more. Let know us about your product and we will work on what can stand your product front of the que.

Buyer finding is the most hassle containing job in export market searching. The first question raise in exporter’s mind “how to find the buyer in some country”. And if he approaches to some importer, the second question get raised “is the buyer genuine or not!”. We provide the solution of such problems. If you are an Indian Manufacturer, join Globbien Enterprises’s supplier’s team.

Some companies are providing a list of buyers. Is that sufficient to google data of companies without knowing their demand from our market? While you can google by your self! In real we need to spend a long time to list a buyer in our sheet. We have to know how long is their company is working in our product. How big is their demand? What quality they prefer for specific product, their payment terms, and much more. We don’t just google to get a list of importers of some product. We find buyers from all around the world. And then we start communication with targeted importers to know their actual demand. And then we add them in our importer’s list.

Negotiation at your behalf is the next step it handled us as our export services. We try to provide best impoert services to importers for your products. We handle 

Document work in export business looks like a dinosaur! It is absolutely necessary to fill all the documents correctly and on time in foreign trade. We have to do import export exactly as we have described in our documents. We perform all this documentation work on behalf of the team of our supplier members.

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