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About Us

If you want to know more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.


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Our story

This is first part of our business when we took startup. Our vision is always to step in export market. We started a company named Globbien. It have to words “Globe” & “Bien”. Bien is a spanish word, that mean is “GOOD”. Good on globe is Globbien. So we were looking a product which is interesting and have long expiry date. Log expiry date is because we didn’t had any experience of retail market. That’s why we had selected ‘tea’ as our first products. We gave it a name AmorichaTea. Our team walk many gardens of Indian territories to select best tea for you.

While working with Amoricha, we realized that we need more products to serve our customers. Mean while we meet BakerStreet, (a company who serves bakery products more then 25 countries of the world as well as in domestic market of Bharat. And they fixed a meeting us with Future Consumer. And we got distribution of Future Consumer in April of 2018. We had a very good experience and confidence level while working with this company. This time we had started this website for online advertisement purpose.

And after that we felt that we should help too to small entrepreneurs to explore market, to advertise online without having any knowledge of it, to sale goods across the borders. A small entrepreneur who is manufacturing goods with limited resources, don’t have knowledge & resources to update his/her business in modern trade. So they need someone’s hand holding in this field. And we are trying to play this role to support development GDP of our nation. Friends upcoming time is global trade. Importance of reducing Import is as much necessary as growing Export market of Bharat. And we are ready to play this role to support all of you. 

Your Great Suggestions Are Always Welcomes.

Contact Us If you have any suggestions, feedback or complaints, Please feel free to writes at info@globbien.com. It will help us to serve you more quality products and services.