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Our story

We (Globbien Enterprises) are established in year 2016 as manufacturer + trader. Amoricha® is our registered trademark for food items like TEA, COFFEE, SPICES, HING, PREPARATIONS MADE FROM CEREALS, PAPAD, BHUJIA, NAMKEEN, SWEETS, FLOUR etc. Our goal is to provide high-quality, tasty & healthy food at low cost.

We are supplier of high-quality, tasty & healthy food in international market. We are working as Manufacturer + Trader in domestic & international market. We are dealing in all products under brand Amoricha®, bakery items of brand BakersStreet  (CAKE, BREAD TOAST, SUGAR FREE TOAST, COOKIES, KHARI, NANKHATI).

Apart from the above, you may contact us for importing bottle caps, paddy, spices, bedsheets, cladding, tabe covers, incense sticks, embroidery etc. Here you may know HSN code of some of them: 19054000, 19059020, 21069099, 0902, 19059040 , 39235010

We think that every individual, organisation, & companies have their social responsibilities as well as their personal interests. We adopted environmental protection in this way. Click here to know more for what we are doing in this way.

FSSAI Certificate - Globbien Enterprises

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