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Fourth Session Planting

We feel glad to finished our fourth session plantation on 01/08/2021 in Jor Beed Conservation Reserve, Bikaner. Hope all you will like photographs of that event too.

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Locate the areas on google map where we are working for environmental protection.

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Read Environmental Protection section of our website carefully, & after that if you wish to play your role too in this, then lets do together.

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Making Our City 100% Green


Today everyone is aware of the future dangers from the cutting forests and environmental pollution. And it is a very good thing that today many people and institutions are working for it at their own level. Our company “Globbien Enterprises” is also trying at its level in this direction. In which many people too have started their cooperation with us by seeing our efforts. Which is a very good thing.

It is our resolve that we will make our city (Bikaner in Rajasthan, which is located in a desert area) 100% green. Due to high temperature, water scarcity and desert, Rajasthan has many challenges for this task. Here in the summer the temperature reaches around 45-50.

Our efforts in this direction

In 2016, we started our first phase. We planted around 150 plants in it. Whose care continues till 9/2019 today. Which was successful at the rate of 95%. This aroused the motivation to take this task further. And we planted 250 new plants in the second phase in 2019. Facing desert challenges, we use specially insulated termites and organic fertilizers for them especially by digging pits 4-5 feet deep. For less water irrigation, “drop-by-irrigation” arrangements are made. And after all, we have to continue this care for 4-5 years continuously. Until the tree does not grow large enough.

First Plantation Event 2016

It was our first plantation event in Gov polytechnic college, Bikaner. We had planted approx 125 plants of fruits and other trees.

Second Plantation Event 2019

It was our second plantation event in Gov polytechnic college Bikaner

Third Plantation Event 2020

It was our third plantation event in Gov polytechnic college, Bikaner. We had planted 140 trees of various fruits & flowers this time.

Fourth Plantation Event 2021

It was our fourth plantation event in Jot Beed Conservation Reserve Bikaner. We have planted 1000 Khejdi trees this time.



This photo is taken from google map of the area where we had done our first plantation. Its to identify our success year by year. Lets have enjoy to see the area getting green year by year, no mater from where you are,


Here is the current google map view of the location (BEFORE FIRST SESSION). & you may see the current changes at the time you view the map.


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Its our duty to treat our nature well. Ppl ask us how much trees are sufficient to grow for us. We suggest a very simple formula. Calculate your home & office area in square meter and divide it by 9. The number you got is the number of trees you must have to plant, Additionally 2 trees at per your vehicle and  1 tree at per air-conditioner you are using.

Start your mission before its too late, Start planting your trees, If you are unable to give time to it due to any reason, let’s do it together. We will plant your trees and will care them. Donate us to part your role. Plus every of your purchase from this website will help us to raise some fund for environmental protection. SO PLEASE BUY SOMETHING FROM VENDORS OF OUR WEBSITE.

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