Supplier & Exporter of Pomegranate in India

We have a large organization of pomegranate cultivators in the state of Rajasthan. Which grow high quality pomegranate. However, according to the demand of our importers, we collect and provide pomegranate from other regions of India as well.

India's position in Pomegranate production

India is one of the finest pomegranate producers in the Asia-Pacific region with attractive colors, low acid, and soft seeds. However, in some European countries there is demand for pomegranates from Spain. But India’s pomegranate quality is much better than Spain and Iran. India’s geographical conditions may also be responsible for this. With the increasing demand for a healthy diet, the demand for fruits, especially Indian pomegranate, is increasing in terms of fruit-exports.

Showing the varietal characteristics of commercially grown pomegranates

Some varieties of Indian pomegranate, such as Bhagwa, Ganesh, Ruby, Arakta hold special place in world exports.

  • Ganesh: This variety has pinkish yellow to reddish yellow rind color, having light pink arils and soft seeds. Fruit weighs between 225-250 gm with medium T.S.S.
  • Ruby: The fruit skin is red in color and weighs between 225-275 gm. The grains are soft, having high T.S.S.
  • Arakta: Fruits are dark red in color with soft seeds and with high T.S.S.
  • Bhagwa: The fruit is glossy red in color with soft seeds and high T.S.S… It’s also called Shendria or Sinduri. Bhagwa variety has high acceptance in European market.

Details of sizing in Pomegranate Fruits

Size Code

Weight in grams (minimum)

Diameter in mm (minimum)
















Pomegranate Export Process

Globbien Enterprises – Bikaner, India, follows stages as below to full-fill import demand of pomegranates.

  • From the Farm: The first phase of testing the quality required by the importer starts with the pomegranate orchard. For quality selection, our team inspects various pomegranate orchards for the purpose of providing personal services to our exporter like any department of his company. And it confirms whether the fruit is according to the demand of the importer.
  • Raw material acquisition: In the second phase we purchase export quality pomegranate either from the market or directly from the farmers with immense care. We mainly procure from farmers in harvesting season at the basis of pre-collected orders.
  • Processing and packaging: We have a team of specialists wholly for processing, packing and loading as COGO-PORT-INDIA. Throughout the procedure we are extremely alert to make sure no extraneous matter are spotted in our cargo.
  • Shipping: Finally, for the shipping process we use third party certification and also in-house checklists to inspect every container we use to ship the cargo. All containers are thoroughly checked to meet the food safety standards before transportation. Again COGO-PORT-INDIA is big partner in this role.

Quality & Packing Management of pomegranate export:

We strictly adhere to all Indian pomegranate export standards, prior to pomegranate exports from India. Our team pays special attention to printing the packets & or boxes in the regional language of our importer, and packing standards.

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