Bharatiya Export Quality Black Pepper

Globbien Enterprises is an exporter of various Indian spices. Here you may know HSN of Black Pepper, Quality specifications of export quality black pepper, & laboratory testing specifications for export quality Black Pepper.

HSN Black Pepper

Here is the list of HSN used in the trade of Black Pepper.

0904 11 20Light Black Pepper
0904 11 30Black Pepper – Garbled
0904 11 40Black Pepper - Ungarbled

Grade Specifications of Black Pepper

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Grade NameGrade Size
Malabar GarbledMG (grades 1 & 2)
Malabar UngarbledMUG (grades 1 & 2)
Tellicherry GarbledTG 4.0mm
Tellicherry Garbled Extra BoldTGEB 4.2mm
Tellicherry Garbled Special Extra BoldTGSEB 4.8mm

Black Pepper essential oils and flavourants

Specific Gravity (20oC)0.873 - 0.916
Refractive Index (20oC)1.480 - 1.499
Optical Rotation (20oC)-100 01 +30
Solubility CharacteristicsNot readily soluble in alcohol, usually soluble in 10-15 vols of alc; soluble in 3-10 vols of 95% alcohol
Other RemarksAcid number, up to 1.1 Ester number, 0.5 to 6.5 Ester number after acetylation, 12-22.4; Phellandrene test, usually strongly positive

Nutritional Composition of Black Pepper / 100gm

CompositionUSDA Handbook 8-2edASTA
Water (g)10.518
Food energy (kcal)255400
Protein (g)10.9510
Fat (g)3.26c10.2
Carbohydrates (g)64.8166.5
Ash (g)4.334.6
Calcium (g)0.4374.6
Phosphorus (mg)173160
Sodium (mg)4410
Potassium (mg)12591200
Iron (mg)28.8617
Thiamine (mg)0.1090.07
Riboflavin (mg)0.240.21
Niacin (mg)1.1420.8
Ascorbic acid (mg)-ND
Calory value (Kilo Calories)304 (Black pepper dry)
Vitamin A activity (RE)1919

Varities of Black Pepper Grown in Bharat

VarietyMean Yield (Dry) (kg/ha)Dry recovery (%)Piperine (%)Oleoresin (%)Essential Oil (%)
Arka Coorg Excel326737.
IISR Girimunda2880322.29.73.4
IISR Malabar Excel1440324.914.64.1
IISR Shakti2253433.310.23.7
IISR Thevam2481321.78.23.1


Available packings are in 50gm, 100gm, 250gm, 500gm, 1kg, & 5kg in paper box & poly packing . Large size packing in 25kg jute bag, p.p. packing with an outer packing of a corrugated box. Customized packing with the importer’s brand name, labeling, & packing size is also available.

Please enquire us with required variety, full product specifications, necessary quality standards ASTA, BIS, ESA, etc (if required by your customs), required Microbiological, Physico-Chemical, Residual Analysis parameters, & their levels, required by importing country’s customs. Please write to us the name of the destination port, and the importer’s company details too, for actual import cost.

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