Meeting with Dr. N.D. Yadav

Today we meet Dr. Narendra Dev Yaday (Head, Regional Research Station, Bikaner). We discussed about reforestation techniques in desert area of Thar Desert in Bikaner, Rajasthan, India.  It was a long discussion on how to grow dense jungle in desert with low water consumption. He gave information about the trees that can be easily grown in the desert area. Along with this, he was also made aware of his research techniques for growing trees using less water. And also assured all assistance in this auspicious work of reforestation in the desert of Thar in India by Globbien enterprises. We are very excited and hopeful after meeting with him.

We also request you to plant as many trees as possible with a resolve to handle the essence. If you lack time, then you can also support any NGO in your area. Or you can also donate to our organization for this purpose. And you can also help in this work by buying all the products that our company is selling. We are tea exporters, wholesalers, and retailers from India. We spend some of our dividends in environmental protection. That’s why our tagline is, “Amoricha ® , a TEA that plants TREES!

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