Tea Gardens of Assam

Assam’s TEA is world wide famous for its pure quality, fragrance, liquor, & aromatic qualities. Assam is not only a tea growing farming area. Its TEA gardens are world famous for its unique beauty. Which have ability to bind you with it like meditation power. High hills, Brahmaputtra River, Wild life, Rainy weather, greenery.. As much as it is written in praise of Assam, it is less. you must visit Assam at least once in life. Its a perfect destination for vacations.

Assam have been main core area of Indian Tea plantations from around 165 years. As well as its the most tea production territory of the world.

Quality & Packing Management of TEA export:

We strictly adhere to all Indian TEA export standards, prior to exports from India. Our team pays special attention to printing the packets & or boxes in the regional language of our importer, and packing standards.


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